CHAPTER 2: Here We Go, Wilson… I’ll Do All The Paddling…

Psalm 55:52 Cast thy BURDEN upon the LORD, and he SHALL SUSTAIN thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.

Whether our burdens are physical or spiritual— the Lord WILL sustain us!!
What does the Lord tell us to do with our burdens? He tells us to “CAST our burdens UPON Him! God uses a TON of action verbs! He says CAST.

CAST those burdens on the Lord, woman!
He says “My yoke is easy and my burden is light”.. Matt 11:30

He will carry our burdens IF WE GIVE THEM TO HIM.

He is our endurance and our sustaining power!!


I believe it!

This isn’t “letting the universe come to you” wishy-washy no-power-in the hour belief.  This is I KNOW MY REDEEMER LIVES belief.  Belief that moves the mountains of mens’ hearts.

This is the where the rubber-hits-the road kind of belief.

The same kind of belief that ENGAGES the gift of faith.  Like butter we drive over the 4 x 4 rough roads.  We need no guardrails.  We got God in the driver seat!

Yeah, we have THAT kind of belief.

GOD PUTS THE PEDAL TO THE METAL while we TRUST Him to own the road!!!!

The Lord means business.  I figure that He is a better driver than me so I let go of the wheel.  He owns the road to our lives.  He tells us that He goes before us.  Come to figure, if the Lord is telling me that He is going before me, that must mean that HE knows what is coming around the bend, right???

Why don’t we, like Tula in the above picture, let God carry us more?

In the words of Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway:
“Here we go, Wilson. You don’t have to worry about anything. [God] will do all the paddling. All you have to do is hold on!”

What you waiting for women of God? 

Who you putting in the driver’s seat? I pray you have decided to let God do the driving, the paddling, the sailing. However you navigate this world, have you made Him your pilot or copilot? Please don’t think you be bobbing Wilson playin’ pilot to the oceans of life without THE Navigator!

You have a wildfire itching to roar like a lion? Engage your faith muscles! Get out there and scratch that itch! I was told I was stupid, too fat, too this and too that!!  Girrl– I had this crazy itch that was bugging me so bad.  No man could reach it but God! The last church I went to wouldn’t touch that itch.  They were trembling afraid of whatever I brought with me in the room. Oh, but it was clear.  They didn’t like the Holy Spirit Smiles I shined in the space I took up!  They didn’t like the love I spread around.  Their eyes closed to the shine in their eyes.. What is that saying– people throw rocks at things that shine?   Oh, but God’s people, The Shiny Ones, need to dust off their feet sometimes right?



I am now scratching that itch by doing the podcasts and blogs!!! Aaaaamen!

There is not ONE moment when we take a time out from honoring God! 

Enduring embers, why you not letting the Lord give you some tender loving care? Do you believe that He left you with The Comforter???? John 14:16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever.

Wildfires start with embers.  Let God pour all His love into you! Let Him do “His good work in you”!!!  Always remember– We are His workmanship!

STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN! Listen to the podcasts! They are funny straight shootin’ to the point words that encourage, engage and uplift!! I guarantee it or you can hit me with a wet noodle!!!!

Don’t keep this blog a secret to yourself! Fan the flames of truth in everyone that meets you!!  Share it don’t bear it!!!

Chapter 3 in the editing process!!! Cuz’ I am no grammar perfectionist, but I try my hardest for ya’lls sake!!!!!!!

GO LIGHT SOME FIRES! Amen and aaaaamen!!!


Oh, I’m an ember today. Just let me rest a little, Lord.. Fill my doggy bowl, Lord.. just a little tender morsel….


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