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Hey Ya’ll!

Let’s have some REAL conversations about life, the Holy scriptures and The Almighty.  This is not your typical church ministry.  Here we are few…

PSALMS 33:12



(Disclaimer: I am not a professional blogger or writer.  I am not a perfect mother, wife, friend or child of God.  I rarely win any kind of board game, tennis game, or mental games.  The real deal about me is that I have no horn to toot… Here’s the deal– This site, blog and podcasts are not going to represent any kind of perfection.  I will make plenty of grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes and typos.. Who knows what you’ll hear in the podcasts! However, I will strive to give you the best of my heart as I pray with all my gusto to honor God and you!   Please forgive me ahead of time for being a biggest looser!)


So, let’s get this party started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not afraid to unpackage the ugly.  I actually look forward to it.

The uglier, the better!  Let me at it!

I tell my children, ” If it smells bad, looks bad– it’s just plain ‘ol bad.  There’s no other way around it but to clean it up!”

I like to clean…

……………….spiritual garbage.

Evil garbage has been stinking up our churches and homes for a long while now.   I can’t stand the stench of it.  The stench has found its way into the sweet spirits of God’s people.

LF4JC uses the cleansing power of Biblical Truth mixed with Love to disinfect the hearts of men! The spirits of jealousy, deception, hate, destruction, corruption, etcetera, etcetera, etceteraaaa (said the King in that movie), have no staying power …






We are here to honor God as we seek to help God’s people HELP God’s people!!!!!

We will encourage Believers to build unbreakable fellowship with one another.

We will speak the Truth with love, courage and compassion.

Love reigns here and the Truth ignites it.



Romans 11:1-5, Micah 2:12 

It begin long ago with the first disciples.

God entrusted them to share the Old Story.

However, somewhere along the way the roads began to become less traveled.

Less traveled roads means a heavier load for the Remnant. Micah 2:12

Which means we must engage the power of Trusting God and Love for One Another more now than ever.

The Old Story is now entrusted to you and me. 

We are called to take the Old Story into this moment of time.

The Old Ones have passed the banner of God on to the next generation.

We are the next generation. The remnant.  The strong. 

We are the called out ones.  Peculiar and not of this world.

I am called for such a time as this.

Are you?

If you are called to take this journey with me, let’s go!

Grab your favorite drink and let’s get to the heart of many matters.

The matters of life.

The hard knock life.
The crazy life.
The joy-filled life!


Where Have You Landed????

Lighting Fires 4 Jesus Christ is a place where God’s people get to the heart of the matter.

We are ignited to live the gospel in ALL biblical truth! We know the truth of Jesus Christ is LIFE to His people, but dangerous to the Deceiver!  

Every Word of God we speak is a threat to evil’s agenda. …

Evil is REAL.

We do not deny it, nor dismiss it, and absolutely refuse to disregard it!

We speak the name of Yeshua, name above all names, boldly as lions!

Unshakeable, we stand for good and ready to reveal evil..

We gear up to be LIGHTS in the darkness!..




I’ve had a lot of dirt slung my way. I get being the ugly duckling. 

I wrote about my ugly duckling story in the blog, “Our Story is God’s Glory”. Search LF4JC’s home page. You’ll find the blog option in the menu bar.

As I walk in my mid 40’s I see more and more people like myself making mud pie and shaking off the dirt. I have learned to shake life’s dirt.

Satan will always try to unload dirt on us. In Christ we are given the ABILITY to turn ugly into glory! LF4JC will help us turn dirt into fertilizer!

Sunflowers! Such a big beautiful flower. 

Did you know that it turns its head towards the sun? 

Scripture says for us to keep our faces towards Jesus.

Kind of like the sunflower. A lot like the sunflower…

We will grow joy in the messes!

We will refuse to let evil deceive us.

No more rationalizing sinful living and behaviors. 

No more blaming God and others for our sufferings.

No more hating ourselves for not being able to keep up with the Kardashians and everyone else we stupidly compare ourselves with!

Through the unrelenting power of God’s strength,  ALL things are possible.

It is possible to eradicate behaviors in our lives that steal God’s joy away.

It is possible to rise above unfortunate circumstances.

It is possible to completely forgive those who have hurt us.

It is possible to fulfill our purpose and live our passions!

LF4JC will ignite the Lord’s power within us in EVERY podcast and every word written here!


We will seek Him with our guts and speak boldy His glory!!!

How will we seek Him? Through His Word, the Holy Bible.

Mincing words just isn’t going to happen here. I can’t live off of just frosting. We need bitter, sweet, salty, sour to make the best desserts. I love my desserts, but I dont love frosting ALL the time.

We will stop living crazy. Making excuses for sin is plain crazy talk. It is destructive, period.    My crazy mom used to say, “if it looks like poop and smells like poop– it must be poop!”

Sometimes it’s just poop. So let’s clean it up instead of letting it stink up our lives!

First off, let’s choose to:

Stop making excuses that we do nOt have time for God! It’s plain crazy thinking we can be a “part-time Christian DEMANDING a full-time God”.


Some of us may not demand a full-time God, but we sure do EXPECT Him to be!!!


Begin engaging our gift of faith! Put our efforts into life-giving momentum! The Lord says in Revelation– many have love, but not the Truth. Many have the Truth, but not love.

I want His love and Truth to reign my life. I pray to fan the flames of His love and Truth in all of us!!



LF4JC is called to change the tides!

The Lord has called me to call out the captives! We will step forward.
No longer feeling alienated. I have decided to follow Jesus! If you have, let’s lift our chins to heaven and link arms! I’m going to speak His holy name throughout my ENTIRE life!

Let’s do this together!

Lighting fires for Jesus Christ podcasts are about God’s people helping God’s people– helping one another to RISE above the plans of evil to LIVE shiny and bright for God’s glory– NOT our glory– but for HIS glory!

LF4JC is about your story being God’s glory.

Together we will share the horrible moments.  Depressing times.  Seasons of just awful AND we will joyfully proclaim His blessings!

The spirit of jealousy in others will not silence us!

We WILL talk about the good, bad AND the ugly behaviors of God’s people for the purpose of healing redemption!

We will laugh hard together and cry ugly together… We will reveal to HEAL…together!

Here is where we talk straight and aim true–ignited by the POWER of God’s encouraging Truths!!


We KNOW that GOD goes before us. It is God who fights for us!  It is His strength that is our unyielding joy!

IN CHRIST we walk and not faint!

We run and not grow weary..

We are more than conquerors, we ARE overcomers!


Lighting Fires for Jesus Christ is about effectively and unapologetically living out the TRUTH of Christ Yeshua!  We call all Bold Believers in the Almighty God to sit at His table!

We thrive as we abide in Christ Jesus together, no longer separate.

Are you looking for the Lighting Fires 4 Jesus Christ podcasts? You’ll find the podcasts in your menu bar.

The podcasts are usually about 25 to 30 minutes long.  The best medicine for heart ache is sometimes laughing.   We are hilarious here! You in the mood for candy? We got that here!

Uplifting heartfelt conversations are builders of God’s people! We will never hold back the raw truths of man’s stupidities and God’s greatest blessings!

Got to the BLOG for some straight shootin’ Titus 2 fellowship!



Ugh, not my favorite part, but here it goes:

* I love the Lord God with all my heart. I’ve been persecuted for it.  I’ve experienced great joy from it!

*I believe His Word is THE COMPLETE TRUTH.  His Word healed me.  I believe it can do the same for us all.

* I believe that there is a Trojan horse in the church today.  Satan is using tools such as false “Bibles” that water down the gospel truth and false heartless leaders.  I will call them out– unafraid and uncensored.

* I believe with all my guts that every life problem,  concern, and suffering can be elevated through the Holy Word. Through faith and faith-driven hard work IF WE SEEK AFTER THE WAYS OF THE LORD we will have His perfect peace that surpasses all our understanding!

*  I believe that shooting the truth straight with love and grace is my calling to help God’s people help God’s people.

* I am motivated to point out God’s power in His people.

* We must be willing to do the work that opens the flood gates of His good

Now the temporal: ………….

*  I am not concerned with being someone I was not created to be.   I feel strongly called to encourage all of God’s children to be exactly who God has created them to be and created them to fulfill– SHINE BRIGHTLY,  GIVE GREATLY,  MOVE MIGHTILY, SHARE YOUR GIFTS AND TALENTS WITHOUT OPPRESSION! LET NO ONE OR EVIL SPIRIT DIM YOUR PURPOSE AND JOY!

* I believe we should never ever judge someone’s walk in the Lord.  Some of us are old and seasoned, some of us ar ejust getting started, and some of us have been stuck in spiritual quicksand. I believe  we must be kind to one another regardless of where we are in our walk.

* My beginnings were an accumulation of unfortunate events (read all about the spirit of oppression doing it’s very best to destroy God’s people, in my blog “My Story is God’s Glory”

* I have two loving adult kids that I adore.  I did raise them baking cookies, a home warmed by love and caring for their hearts.

* We homeschooled our children.  Dedicated. We had the walls covered in pictures, art, science projects, dry erase boards (mom had to draw all the funny pictures and don’t get me started on sex ed!)

* Our adult kiddos love the Lord, are not perfect, make mistakes and know they are GREATLY LOVED AND CHERISHED!

* My husband cares for my heart.  I was the black sheep of the world and he doesn’t seem to mind! I love and adore him with all my heart, even when he frustrates the crazy out of me!

* I am the biggest goof ball. I laugh at myself and in a weird way, make fun of horrible moments turning the ugly into a moment of hilarious! I’ll make myself look absolutely ridiculous for a good laugh. Laughing hard till we cry is one of our family’s favorite pass times! Laughing is a joy keeper and an evil annihilator!

* I am in my later 40’s and not enjoying it at all!!!.  Peri menapause is kicking my bum!  I have health issues so I have to eat healthy or I feel like I’m going to die.  I workout because I have to for the same reasons. I can’t say that I am “embracing this stage of life”, but I can say that I am more patient with the process and at peace with the changes…. most days.. lol!

* Yes, I went to college.   So what!  That does not define me.  What defines God’s people is our love and His light shining out of us.

* My dreams are to meet you someday, truly.  I would love to speak at conferences to encourage and lift up God’s people to beat their swords against their shields and walk POWERFUL in Christ Jesus every moment of their lives!

* My temporal dream is to have a home where I can walk right out my front door and go for a hike in the mountains, have all my adult kiddos (in-law kids too), grandbabies, my sisters, their kiddos, and my parents all at the same dinner table. I’d love to live in the moment of laughing loudly, sharing our food off each other’s plates, cracking jokes and letting our silly flags fly!

* Oh, and I am an animal lover to the maximitus. I love them all! We have a home filled with rescue pets,  lots of deer, some river otters, geese, swans, pelicans, hawks, eagles, rock chucks, rabbits. (we have a pond and our backyard over looks a small river). We live on 10 acres.. where the cows roam, but never come home because they ain’t our cows lol!

So, tell me your story! Tell the world about God’s glory in your life right here! Send me your story!! Help God’s people help God’s people TODAY!

Let’s light up the fellowship, igniting hearts and get powered up in Christ!

Please share if you DARE!

 Sometimes it’s about havin’ fun in the mud to get rid of the dirt!